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AI Policy

We consider AI in three different core areas: text, art and programming.

Generative Text

Gaming Tier List follows the Yurika Corporation content policy on generative text. That means no generative text is used to generate our content.

Rappy-World is its own unique property that uses generative text to create content. This is a unique use case and is not applicable to Gaming Tier List.

To be clear, we do not use any form of generative text to generate our content. This includes, but isn't limited to, using a draft from a generative text tool or having the generative text tool write the original content.

Generative text is allowed by our authors for research and proofreading. Some examples below.

  • Grammar questions give me 10 examples of rewriting the following sentence
    • In this case the writer would take the advise and modify their work. Not used the generated modified work directly.
  • Sourcing metadata give me a 160 word summary of the article
    • Research is showing that these are unsatisfactory and we're requiring our writers to rewrite the generated content.
  • Sourcing ideas what's a list of multiplayer games with couch co-op
    • Only as one of multiple reference points.
  • Grammar Assistance bing editor, Grammarly, etc.
    • This is becoming unavoidable as basic spelling and grammar checks are becoming "AI tools."

The application of the technology should only be applicable when it's elevating the output. The original work should be written entirely by hand and be designed from the ground up to be useful to the reader.


It's important to note that zealous approach to banning AI can prevent legitimate uses of the tools. We only limit the use in creating content for our site; writers can use accessability tools or features like "spellcheck" which are being rolled into "AI editors."

Why AI Generative Text Isn't for this Verticle

An LLM requires training on material and that material is sourced from other writers on the Internet (including, without our permission, our own writers). These training models take a freeze frame of their content and think on it and that's the database that the AI uses to surface content to you.

For a game that's currently actively maintained or a live service game, none of up to date information is stored in the dataset. Furthermore, while web search plugins exist, that is copying the work of other authors to effectively automatically plagerize their work.

Our goal is satisfying and useful guides. This requires current knowledge about the game along with any updates, the context around that game and around the guide and first person experience. This isn't possible with generative text.

Furthermore, even in the iteration of your own content, the generative text is dry and easy to read as an AI output. This isn't satisfying to anyone. That's why while we allow tools to be used, they should be a reference and nothing more.

Generative Art

We're not fond of generative art except in instances where we can't find a good featured image and stock art just looks terrible. We won't use any art that represents a real thing and we're looking at only sourcing art from ethical AI generative tools.

This space is still experimental and we're not overly comfortable with it, so our primary goal is to use press kit assets from trusted sources or the developers themselves.

Generative Programming Assistance

Generative programming tools are not banned currently. We're not sure what their future application will be, but helpful tools that don't expose our code are allowed (i.e. GitHub co-pilot).

Machine Learning is a strong part of our tech stack, such as sourcing data from APIs to use in ranking our tier lists and weighing/judging the content.

Whatever we use, it must be ethical and we're committed to that.

User Generated Content

Due to our ban of generative text, we're overly hesitant to run a UGC program right now. We thank everyone for their kind submissions, however, we must throughly vet anyone who publishes content on our site.