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Tier Lists

Tier Lists are logical rankings of content into tiers. Tiers are usually defined with alphanumerical characters: S, A, B, C, D and F. Sometimes, more granular rankings will include a positive (+) or negative (-) modifier. This effectively takes a six tier system and can convert it into 12 or 18 tiers.

Our tier lists are highly subjective meaning that they are based on the opinions of our writers. We do our absolute best to develop tier lists that align with the community. Some critical rules we follow:

  • Tier Lists should be timely. We should denote when the last update was made and provide at a minimum the year the article was last updated in the title.
  • Tier Lists should have a description describing what the tier list is ranking.
  • Tier Lists can be collabrative articles that multiple writers/editors work on.

Ranking System

We use the following universal ranking system on our tier lists:

This hero should be the meta. Absolutely the best the game has to offer.