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YC Documentation

Welcome to the official Yurika Corporation documentation center! This is your one-stop-shop for help site content across all Yurika Corporation properties.

Service Status​

Check the status of our services anytime at:

🌐 Our Websites​

Our main websites are:

đŸĸ Yurika Corporation​


This is the official corporate website of Yurika Corporation, where you can find the master policies for all our properties.

🎮 Gaming Tier List​


As Yurika Corporation's flagship site, Gaming Tier List is your go-to place for video game tier lists, in-depth guides, and the latest news.

📰 YuriCorp Blog​

The YuriCorp Blog is a work in progress, soon to showcase the hottest online technology news related to businesses and their integration with modern technology. The domain is our short domain for all of our applications as well.

📚 Documentation (eng101)​


The Yurika Corporation Documentation site. Name after the "eng101" emoji.

Community Services​

We offer a variety of community services:

⚡ SMITE Tier List​


Our SMITE Tier List is one of the highest quality tier lists on the Internet, curated by a team of SMITE experts. It leverages several handmade plugins, tools, and scripts to deliver one of the most comprehensive tier lists available online.

🕹ī¸ Video Game Servers​

We invest in our community and bring the games to our users.