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Content Policies

We hold ourselves to a high standards when it comes to content. That’s why we make the following commitments when it comes to our websites.

Truth in Content

All content published on all of the sites by the staff of Yurika Corporation properties is true to the best of each staffers knowledge. When we write informative content, we strive to write so using subject matter experts and when dealing with reviews we do not use numbers – just opinions to relay how we feel about a product.

Collaboration is one of the many ways we bring effective high quality content to readers. That collaboration will never impact content that is intended to motivate a user to purchase/sign-up/download/etc. In instances where we are given review units, codes, game keys, etc. we will share that in the article.

No AI Generative Text Content

Gaming Tier List, Yurika Corporation and YuriCorp which are owned by Yurika Corporation use bespoke hand written content crafted by subject matter experts. No AI Generative text tools, generative text applications, browser plug-ins, etc. are to be leveraged in content. Generative text has little application with our work; all information written should be the freshest information available – something AI models do not have. No content on any of our sites has been run through a generative text tool. We do leverage spell checkers, grammar checkers, etc. which now include “AI components” but all content is typed by hand.

There’s no viable way for the information on our sites to come at the speed that it does leveraging an AI text generator. As a media company, we owe our readers only the highest quality content. Fact checking AI output isn’t high quality nor is it capable of being topical.

Generative art is only used if it’s abstract. Generative art of specific people, places, etc. is content that is generally not permissible by Yurika Corporation.

We give no authorization for the scraping of content from any property owned by Yurika Corporation. No content on any Yurika Corporation domain is permissible to be leveraged by anyone but Yurika Corporation.


Rappy-World is a unique property that uses generative text to create content. This is a unique use case and is not applicable to Gaming Tier List. The content is then reviewed by our team of writers to ensure it meets the standards of the site.

Useful Content Only

We aim to only publish content that is useful to readers. While publishing standards evolve and change over time, as industry professionals we aim to adapt and change with it. We’ll work to always provide the best most useful content while ensuring legacy informational content is maintained. For news we will only publish news on our sites relevant to the site itself or the subjects the site covers.