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Gaming Tier List: Your Ultimate Gaming Guide

Welcome to Gaming Tier List (GTL). Gaming Tier List is focused on guides, tier lists, reviews, articles and other helpful content for video games. We're unique in that we offer a heavy focus on guide and tier list content over editorial content. When we do editorial content, we follow strict review guidelines and do not score games based on a number.

Our Mission

To develop high quality bespoke content for the video game community. To embrace diversity and inclusion in our content and our community. To be a positive force in the gaming community. Gaming Tier List strives to leave the reader satisfied and informed.

We're the best source of bespoke tier lists on the Internet and we're proud of it.

Our Coverage

We specialize in a wide range of game genres:

  • eSports: MOBAs, FPS, and more.
  • Multiplayer Games: Both massively multiplayer or otherwise.
  • Indie Games: From pixel art, 2D, to 3D.
  • Rankable Games: We cover games with rankable components.
  • PC and Console Games: Though we have a special focus on PC games.
  • Mobile Games: Coverage is limited, but we do feature them when fitting or driven by our writers' passion.
  • Hardware: Coverage is limited, but we do feature hardware articles occassionally.

We do not cover:

  • Gambling: Gaming doesn't mean that kind of gaming.
  • Adult Content: Our content is for everyone.
  • Inappropriate Content: Any game we deem inappriopriate for our audience will not be covered. This includes games that are overly violent, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate for our audience. We do not cover games where a primary focus is on hate or toxicity.

Tier List Development

Please see Tier Lists.

Guide Devopment

Guides are developed only for games that we love. If we don't love a game, we're likely not writing a guide for it. Therefore all guide content will sound and likely be positive and upbeat about a game.

This is a result of us only writing guides for games we love. If someone doesn't love a game then they won't have the passion to write a guide that's useful.

Useful Guides Only

Our guides are useful. We do not put anything but what someone who plays the game would want to read into a guide. That includes refusing to pad them with content.