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LEGO Fortnite

In December of 2023 a LEGO Fortnite world was made. In the world there were a few interesting tidbits.

Main Base

Main base was located north up the road from the original spawn, bordering the Frostlands. This made the base really confusing early in the game because it was easy to just walk somewhere in the base and become cold.

Upon discovering Knotwood, efforts were made to find the desert area in the game. Meanwhild, the world's spawn moved north across the Frostlands, making the main base the connection point between the arctic passage and the new glitched spawn.

The base was upgraded from the original walls and a few roofs to have one large house with all the beds in it with a pavilion of sorts to hold the crafting tables. Barriers were made around the cold areas to denote them.

Canyon Base

The base in the desert was made shortly upon discovering the large towering rock formations that hold amber in LEGO Fornite. The base was established and most of the crafting has occured in this base. It was southwest of main base.

Frostlands Base

A base for building up Frostlands tech was made northeast of the main base.

Arctic Pass

A series of fires were erected in a path between main base and the northern glitched spawn to help new players who join make their way south to where everything was built out. Eventually with gliders the pass was made a lot easier to travel through, along with the cold weather gear, but early game it was a survival challenge.