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Crusader Kings 3

Spring 2023 Community Playthrough

In 2023 the community played the Holy Roman Empire starting a game in 1066. One player ruled Bohemia, another controlled Austria (starting as the Duchy of Austria and later forming the Kingdom of Austria after conquering Hungary), and the third player led Bavaria. The three realms were loyal members of the Holy Roman Empire and supported the Emperor.

Bohemia’s default succession law resulted in an heir who also ruled Sweden, allowing Bohemia to gain control of Sweden’s large levies and giving them a huge military advantage. With Bohemia’s support, Austria broke off from Bavaria, formed the Kingdom of Austria, and took over Hungary. Bavaria proceeded to conquer much of western Europe and southern England.

Bohemia eventually took the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. Immediately, a succession war began between claimants to the Empire, which Bohemia, Austria, and Bavaria fought together to win. Shortly after, the Bohemian ruler was assassinated, triggering another succession war that the three allies prevailed in. Following this, the game was mostly calm (aside from Bavaria constantly dealing with uprisings, which provided comic relief). Bohemia continued expanding the Empire eastward.


Complete victory, map was painted very well.