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Avorion (Spring 2023)

The first Avorion campaign ran winter of 2022 and involved the entire Yurika Corporation community.

The Starting Zone

The game started everyone in the middle left quadrant of the map in a generally safe area. The crew hung out in this area only briefly. It was only a matter of time before Yurika found a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy.

Upon the discovery of the wormhole, everyone began to leave the starting area into the more riskier frontier on the other side of the galaxy where relations weren't automatically great.

Safe Mining Operations

In this new area there were several factions at war. Massive mining operations began to move further and further southward into more dangerous regions as the automation continued to expand.

Before long, the area closest to the center barrier was completely owned by the crew.

Into the Bone Zone

The center barrier was breached and within a week the crew was established within the most dangerous section of the game. Everyone had massive, large battlecruisers.

One of the players made a quiet argument that fighters should be avoided and instead everyone should work on grinding extremely high level weapons. This advice was ignored and massive fighter production began.

Due to the large number of fighters, the server wasn't able to handle the game anymore. The last boss was beat, however, almost no one was able to see it due to the server lag and graphical lag of the sheer number of fighters on the screen.