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Notabyte is a bot that is connected to the community chat servers for Yurika Corporation. The bot has several functions that are restricted to some social media applications (i.e. Discord). The bot can be used in private message or added to your chat.

The main bot's name is "Notabyte" and is available at @notabytebot

Notabyte's website.

Privacy mode is enabled by default. You can use / when the bot is not an admin and / & ! when the bot is an admin to use a command.

Understanding Cost Based Usage

We have to pay considerable costs to generate images and text. As such, we have to charge for the bot's usage. The bot uses a currency called "snaks" to pay for the bot's usage. You can purchase snaks from the bot by private messaging it /buy and the number of snak packs (100 snaks) you want to purchase. Snaks are non-refundable and non-transferable. Snaks are not a cryptocurrency and have no value outside of the bot.

Up to date pricing is available at:

Notabyte's website.


There are no refunds for snaks. We allow you to purchase them in as small of quantities as you want and only offer larger quantities for convience and to lock in pricing (as much as we can accomodate). Do not purchase more snaks than you intend to use.

Other Features

While not currently enabled for other chats, the bot offers image (including still and animated) along with video and text moderation functions. We're looking at how to offer these to other chats in the future.