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Yurika Corporation Website

Our main site, Yurika Corporation is the main hub for all of our projects, sites and information relating to our organization. This page documents the history of the site and updates made to it.

Core Technologies

The website (2024 version) is built using the following technologies:

In addition to a variety of custom built components, animations and other features developed by our team.

Organization Tools

Tools used to assist in building the site:

Site History

The launch of the first corporate site for the Yurika Corporation umbrella was in 2021.

Yurika Corporation Official Site (2024)

The official site was rebuilt from the ground up using all custom technology to showcase our talents and abilities as we bring together all of our products and websites into one cohesive brand.

Holding Page (2022-2024)

The original site was built in WordPress and offered information on the company, our content policites and contact information.

The core technologies involved were simply WordPress and Cloudflare.