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Notabyte Pricing Changes (April 21, 2024)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

We've updated the pricing for Notabyte. The new pricing is as follows:

  • !img <prompt text>: 8 snaks

Existing paid users of the bot have had their total snak counts modified by the following:

((Total Snak Count) * 4) + 100

This is to ensure that existing paid users are not negatively impacted by the pricing change. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

Thank you for your continued support! Paid users would have received an email notifying them of the change.

!free Command

There's now a !free command that allows you to get a free snaks once per day (eastern time).

Main Site Updates (December 18 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

Our main site, Yurika Corporation, has been updated with a new look and feel. The new site has a lot of really interesting tech behind it, which you can read about here at our docs site.

In addition to updates to the website, the documentation site has a new section to go over the organization, with more to come in the future.

Updating Our Documentation Site

We've also updated our documentation site's tech stack and dependancies, updating Docusaurus to the latest version of version 3. This continues our commitment to keep our global organization tech stack up to date. Gaming Tier List of course received all relevant security updates and audits.

LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite game history was added.

Discord Premium Updates (October 10 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

We now have updated our Discord Premium offerings. We have two new products available, the first is a revamped subscription program that grants 30 Snak free uses of Notabyte per day. The second is a lifetime subscription plan to grant you a lifetime basic premium status as an early adopter.

For $2.99 a month you get the premium access and Notabyte will not consume 30 snaks per day (so that's 30 free requests, both for !prompt and !img)

Lifetime Premium

This is a $5.99 role within the server that is a one time fee. After a few purchases, the price will increase, so early early adopters get the best pricing.

Thank you for helping support our sites and our community hubs!

Discord Events and Other Updates (October 7 2023)

· 2 min read
Site Maintenance

The community Discord has received several updates. The blog now feeds into the Discord updates channel. We've restarted events on Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri for Fall/Winter, updated our games on rotation and provided some Discord channel updates. Read on for more details.

The documentation site blog now feeds into the Discord announcements. The channel has been changed from "discord-updates" to "updates" to reflect the fact it's updates from the overall Yurika Corporation network.

Events Return

We paused events over the summer to tackle events. Events have restarted. We'll be running our events every:

  • Sunday (Large Group Games)
  • Monday (Large Group Games)
  • Wednesday (Social / Chat)
  • Friday (Social Gaming)

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday remain free days. Wednesday is intended for a chat experience. Events are optional and the event may change due to participation.

On the eve of labor, Sunday, we gather to share stories of the week to come. Monday, the herald of a new week, is a splendid moment for us to convene and reflect on the day’s journey. Wednesday is an opportunity for a mid-week check-in, a space for play should the collective energy soar, if not, serenity is welcomed. Friday, marks the grand finale of the week, a fitting moment to celebrate and recount the week’s tale.

Events on Rotation

The following games / events are currently planned in rotation. This will expand throughout the fall and winter, but this is the list of the most aligned community games in no specific order.

  • Rocket League
  • Darktide
  • Valheim
  • Minecraft
  • Star Trek Online
  • Counter Strike
  • Avorion (Q4)
  • YouTube Watch
  • Discord Games
  • Crusader Kings 3
  • SMITE, Overwatch 2, World of Warcraft
  • War Thunder
  • Warframe

Channel Updates

Most of the community text chat occurs on other platforms. To better organize Discord for easy access, the Gaming Tier List update channel was moved to YURICORP. Art was moved to "Showcase" along with the image spam chat. This allows for easier access to the voice chats and keeps most of the Discord chatter to general.

Notabyte Updates (September 9 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

The community bot Notabyte received a new function:


The /answer command lets you ask a question and the bot will answer. This feature is currently free, but may change in the future.

General Updates (August 8 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

Community bot received some updates to the random output. We're working on adding the ability to pay individually for the bot's features but right now due to a generous donation the development of the bot and the API costs are handled for a few weeks. More to come soon.

GTL Tier List Update & MC Updates (July 17 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

Our SMITE Tier List is now coming at you not only with our GTL Tier but we're not giving a lane by lane recommendation from eSports pros. It's important to provide the best possible information. Thanks to feedback from our community, we've got a powerhouse behind the tier list to give us regular lane by lane coverage.

MC Worlds Update

YuriCraft has been updated to include the ability to not only as previously noted, travel to a creative map, but inventory is now specific to the game mode that you're in. This means creative worlds will have creative inventories and survival will have survival inventories. Originally the plan was going to be lock the creative mode maps to players via a quest, but this new method is way more fair and lets players test builds and play around.

Plans for a PvP world and a boss fight at spawn are coming along well. Spawn has been updated to include gates along the northern waterwall and a cleaner admin claim line.

Be sure to read the documentation! Visit the docs.

Minecraft Server Update (July 10 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

A new creative map is available. Creative mode is enabled on this map. Its use is optional. You can find it in the main village at spawn.

You have to claim land to be able to build. There is nothing but stone and bedrock. There's no enemies.


The portal is inside of this building:

Minecraft Server Update (June 9 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

We've made some updates to the Minecraft server.

The YuriCraft Minecraft server has been updated with the following changes:

  • Server Updates
  • You can now open chests with cats on top of them.
  • Hoppers now are much more efficent, this will allow large hopper builds without lag.
  • Redstone behavior has been set to "alternate-current" which will allow larger inefficent redstone builds.
  • Carpet exploiting remains off as we'd rather have a better system for obtaining mob drops than large mob farms.

Spawn Updates

  • Color coding around various aspects of spawn is now taking place. To start with the nether portal is now color outlined!
  • A new deep pit has emerged and the town has begun building to investigate it. ** A new dungeon is coming soon! You'll be able to earn currency fighting in the dungeon to buy things within town. ** This is a long work in progress, but you can explore the dungeon now!