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GTL Tier List Update & MC Updates (July 17 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

Our SMITE Tier List is now coming at you not only with our GTL Tier but we're not giving a lane by lane recommendation from eSports pros. It's important to provide the best possible information. Thanks to feedback from our community, we've got a powerhouse behind the tier list to give us regular lane by lane coverage.

MC Worlds Update

YuriCraft has been updated to include the ability to not only as previously noted, travel to a creative map, but inventory is now specific to the game mode that you're in. This means creative worlds will have creative inventories and survival will have survival inventories. Originally the plan was going to be lock the creative mode maps to players via a quest, but this new method is way more fair and lets players test builds and play around.

Plans for a PvP world and a boss fight at spawn are coming along well. Spawn has been updated to include gates along the northern waterwall and a cleaner admin claim line.

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