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Minecraft Server Update (June 9 2023)

· One min read
Site Maintenance

We've made some updates to the Minecraft server.

The YuriCraft Minecraft server has been updated with the following changes:

  • Server Updates
  • You can now open chests with cats on top of them.
  • Hoppers now are much more efficent, this will allow large hopper builds without lag.
  • Redstone behavior has been set to "alternate-current" which will allow larger inefficent redstone builds.
  • Carpet exploiting remains off as we'd rather have a better system for obtaining mob drops than large mob farms.

Spawn Updates

  • Color coding around various aspects of spawn is now taking place. To start with the nether portal is now color outlined!
  • A new deep pit has emerged and the town has begun building to investigate it. ** A new dungeon is coming soon! You'll be able to earn currency fighting in the dungeon to buy things within town. ** This is a long work in progress, but you can explore the dungeon now!